Our Intermediate writing course is for 7th and 8th grade students. The goal of this class is to expose students to the basic, core concepts of literature. All students will learn how to look for key literary concepts, discuss what they have read, and apply what they have learned in their individual writing assignments. 

Course Instruction Includes:


An in-depth look at a classic novel

Novels at this level include:

  • The Hobbit
  • Carry on, Mr. Bowditch
  • The Hiding Place
  • The Bronze Bow


Literary Analysis through novel annotation

Students will continue to recognize key literary elements through underlining and annotating, and they will also continue developing study skills such as summarizing and charting information as they read. 


Literary Analysis through literary terms

Intermediate students learn literary elements such as plot diagram, characters development, setting description, conflict analysis, etc.  They will practice identifying the theme, point of view, symbolism, foreshadowing,etc. 


Literary Analysis through writing

At this level students will continue using specific examples from the novel to provide support for their writing topics.  They will begin writing multi-paragraph essays using the four-step writing process that is taught in previous classes. 


Focused writing instruction

In the Intermediate class, students begin learning how to develop a multi-paragraph essay. The emphasis sontinues to be on quality versus quantity. Instruction will include:

  • Continued practice of the basics steps to writing: brainstorming, outlining, rough drafts, and the final draft
  • Developing multi-paragraph essays by developing the three body paragraphs
  • Providing specific examples from the novel to support assertions
  • Explaining the examples with insightful commentary
  • Improving the word choice through active verbs, concrete nouns, and well-placed adjectives and adverbs
  • Creating engaging sentences by varying sentence starters and using transitional words and phrases


A creative enrichment project

During the final class session, students will have the opportunity to present either a creative writing project or a research paper on a topic related to the novel. The project includes three components: a written composition, an oral presentation, and a visual aid. Students, parents, and family members are welcomed members of the audience for this final presentation.


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