Basic Writing Level 1

This class will teach the basic writing process that is presented in Kris's Writing with Kris Handbook and are taught in all of Kris's classes.  These are 5 one hour classes taught online in a classroom type setting via Skype.  The teacher will provide instruction (working through the Writing with Kris Handbook), assign homework (approximately one hour per week), and give individual weekly feedback on each student's homework. At the end of the class, parents will receive an evaluation of their child's writing abilities, identifying strengths and weaknesses.

Please note: This class is a prerequisite to all other online courses provided by Kris, including literature based writing classes, research writing classes, and all electives. 

  • See class dates and details below


Basic Writing Level 2


This class is a continuation of Basic Writing Level 1. As students continue practicing the four-step writing process, they will learn how to add stylistic elements to their sentences, creating quality sentences. Of course this will also require students to understand basic grammar, which will be taught and/or reviewed in this Level 2 class. Since the final step in the writing process requires students to both "edit" and "improve" their composition, students must be given the tools to aid them in this process. Like Basic Writing Level 1, Level 2 is offered to a class of younger students (4th-7/8th) as well as a class of older students (high school - along with advanced 8th graders).

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Literature Based Writing Class

Prerequisite: Basic Writing Level 1 (Basic Writing Level 2 is strongly recommended)

After taking the prerequisite class(es), students will benefit from several years of practicing writing. "Knowing" how to write well, and "mastering" how to write well are two completely different standards. Using the four-step writing process and learning how to create quality sentences by incorporating stylistic elements requires consistent practice.

The Literature-based writing classes provide the following opportunities for your child:

  • An In-depth Look at a Classic Novel

Students will spend the first eight weeks of class studying one novel. Reading this novel will be an “experience” for your child. While many students love to race through great books at the speed of lightning, periodically everyone should read great works very slowly and analytically – studying the deeper meanings and discussing ideas with peers. Each week, a portion of class time is devoted to discussing aspects of the novel. The final three weeks of the class, students will complete an enrichment project.  This project will focus on creativity, and it will have three components: written, visual, and oral.  The enrichment project is always a fun surprise.

  • Literary Analysis Through Annotations, Summarizing, Outlining, and Charting

Even at an early age, students begin to look for key elements in their novel. They learn literary terms such as plot, protagonist, antagonist, setting, conflicts, theme, climax, etc. Students learn to annotate their novels by underlining sections in their book and making reflective comments in the margins. Thus students learn the skill of reading with an engaged, thinking, wondering mind.

  • Focused Writing Instruction

At first, students learn how to write a good quality sentence, and eventually they end up learning how to write a good quality essay and research paper. We focus on quality instead of quantity by seeking mastery of the skills taught. If students cannot write one paragraph well, how can they write a quality essay, with many paragraphs? Our students learn about organization, content, style, and grammar.

  • Weekly Homework

Weekly homework assignments allow students to develop important skills like organization, time management, and perseverance. Our classes are fun, but they are also challenging. Teachers of younger students communicate directly with parents via email regarding homework assignments; whereas, older students are expected to take responsibility for their own homework assignments and due dates.

  • Individual Feedback from the Teacher

Each student receives personal feedback from his or her teacher on each assignment. As a result, parents are able to identify what aspect of their child’s writing is strongest and what aspect is weakest. This individualized feedback results in much better and faster improvement in your child’s performance.

  • Developing Online Learning Skills

Students will be able to sit in their own homes and learn with students from a variety of other locations...the world is simply much smaller than it once was. While students are learning critical thinking and writing skills, they will have the opportunity to practice  multi-tasking by navigating their computers at the same time - a necessary skill in today's world.

  • See class dates and details below:


Spring 2019 Online Class Schedule

  • Basic Writing Level 1 and Level 2:

    • Both levels of Basic Writing courses are currently being offered on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in signing your child/children up for the Basic Writing courses, send an email to* (See below.)

    • Your child’s name will be added to a list of students who are interested in taking the courses. We will work with you to arrange the writing instruction that will best meet your child’s needs.

    • After school instruction is also available.

Spring 2019 Literature-Based Writing: Upper elementary (4-6/7) 

  • Teacher: Mrs. Bradley

  • Thursdays 9:00 am - 10:30 & 10:30 am - 12:00 pm (10 weeks - NO CLASS on March 14)

  • Friday 10:00 am - 11:30 am (10 weeks - NO CLASS on March 15)

  • Dates: Jan. 17 - March 21

  • $275.00

  • Novel: The Twenty-one Balloons

Spring 2019 Literature-Based Writing: 6th-8th grade

  • Teacher: Mrs. Bradley

  • Wednesdays 1:30 am - 3:00 am (10 weeks - NO CLASS on March 13)

  • Dates: Jan. 17 - March 20 &

  • $275.00

Novel: The Bronze Bow

Spring 2019 Literature-Based Writing: 8th-High school

  • Teacher: Mrs. Cordell

  • Tuesdays 10:30 pm - 12:00 pm (10 weeks - NO CLASS on March 5)

  • Dates: Jan. 15 - March 19

  • $285.00

  • Novel: The Scarlet Pimpernel


Fall 2019 College Prep Literature-based Writing class

  • Not offered at this time

  • Teacher:

  • Contact Kris for details if you are interested in this class and would like to be notified of the specific details.


Simply email Kris at, and provide the following information:

  • Child's name

  • Parent name and phone number

  • Class in which you are enrolling your child

  • Name of charter school or indicate private pay

If the current schedule does not offer a class that works for your child, gather some friends together to create your own class. A teacher will be provided for your students at the time you request.  A minimum of four students is necessary to schedule an online class. Contact Kris directly for more information on this option.