Our goal is to provide the type of writing instruction that you desire for your student, even if they are not able to attend one of our regularly scheduled classes


Tutoring in writing and literary analysis is a service that we make available to all students. Because not every student is able to attend one of our classes, tutoring is an option that has much more flexibility. Your child may be a prime candidate for tutoring if he or she fits into one or more of these categories: 

  • Your child has some special learning challenges that make a classroom or group learning environment difficult.

  • Your child performs better with one-on-one guidance.

  • Your child’s current education does not provide adequate instruction and feedback in writing or literary analysis.

  • Your high school student requires instruction for SAT and/or college prep writing strategies.



Tutoring may be tailored to meet your child's/family's needs: private, with siblings, in person, skype, etc.

Please see the Tutoring Agreement for details about pricing, scheduling, payment options, etc.